I’m A Prisoner

I’m a prisoner of my own making,

serving a life sentence for sure.

No hope for tomorrow, no exit,

no escape, no open door.

Take me on a trip to heaven, let me taste the sweet by and by

No cause for sorrow, no cause to cry.

I’m a prisoner of my own making,

The cell door is closed tightly,

So maybe just maybe, tomorrow

I’ll die.

Put the pot on Woman, get that coffee

brewin’ time to move, call it a day,

shuffle past the hangman’s noose.

Let me by, let me cry, give me leave and set me loose.

It’s a crying shame, always the same,

end of the road, a finished game.

No more sorrow, no more teardrops,

the good Lord, He’s called my name.

He’s called my name, called my name

The good Lord has called my name.

I’m a prisoner, I’m a prisoner,

a prisoner just the same.

~ by Vinnie on June 1, 2018.

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