Cornelius T. Witherspoon Saves The World

Based on the number of attempts made and the total actual completions, Cornelius arrived at a future forecast which…image

“Well if one looks at the rotational movement in any given hour then it should be clear to all that a lift off, of sorts, may be achieved at a fairly constant rate,” Professor Slocum said.

“Yes yes, as true as that may be Sir Charles, I do not believe we can fully rely upon the device to perform as well in actuality, when it’s presented with the full force and power of 10,000 shooting gamma particles elevating the thrust ratio of the forward bunting, it just cant be done man.”image

This from Cletus Boyer’, current head of Euro-Nautique, the visionary arm of the tried and true Nationale de Europa, One World Systems.

“Oh wake up man! Can’t you see that nothing can stop the infiltration of omega starlight? It’s just not possible. Why with every hour that goes by we having the ticking of the clock-the countdown to Armageddon, which cannot be stopped. The movement of its rotational pull continues minute by minute, moment by moment in a fashion that has never been seen before. It is constantly picking up speed and as of yet anyway, unyielding to pressure from the outside. That’s any pressure gentlemen, oh pardon, and lady Professor Margo’.”

image“Then my colleagues and friends, it is painfully obvious that we are all doomed! Earth as we know it shall be no more, our lives, the lives of our loved ones and the lives of the entire world shall be gone in an instant, snuffed out as they say as though a giant’s hand has wiped us from the surface of our lovely planet. We-are-all-doomed!” Professor Slocum lowered his head, his visage marred by the quiet tears appearing from his eyes and silently falling from his once robust cheeks to the now hollow yet drooping jowls that seemed to drag his very chin to the floor below.

A deep sadness fell upon this austere group of fellows and lady, with an almost palpable pallor of preternatural mist of prevailing darkness that humanity had not seen before; the darkness which was the harbinger of things to come, as spoken to us by previous generations who said, “Beware, beware of the OTHER when IT shall come. imageHide your children and your wives, store up a past harvest, keep wise council and seek not sunlight for one hundred years, for the days of the Locust were filled with fear and loathing yet, no man has seen to this day, The Day of The OTHER!”

A shiver went down the collective spines of the group of men and lady, although it was not from cooling temperatures. As the Bible of old had said, “What we feared has come upon us”, yes it had, indeed it had.


Mr. Witherspoon, Sir!

“Oh gentlemen gentlemen, arumph, and lady, please calm yourselves and take your seats, please. You are going to need to be seated for what I have to tell you and to show you.

First and foremost I want to say, not to worry because we have contained it-“it”being The Other!”image

A Collective GASP!

“Yes, even as we speak the unthinkable, unmentionable, unimaginable Other, is being contained and it’s frightening exponential power of Umpteen to the Tenth Power, has been harnessed if you will, and its enormous strength now codified and vacumn pressed to create a passageway for the Earth, our planet, to pass unerringly and unharmed into the future. A future where no harm, at least no harm from this current calamity can fall upon it. The Visitation from The Other and the foul play it presumed upon us is No More!”

Well as you can imagine a great shout arise from the cloistered group, albeit a somewhat muted shout as this was and is still a very small group. That being said and of no real consequence in the scheme of things after all, the World has been saved mind you, and life shall go on!

Cornelius then went on to say, “We have placed into orbit along side our good Earth, a strategically designed satellite to act as an ever present companion if you will, yes a companion to come along side Mother Earth and safeguard her movements from here on out.” And so…


This is the “why, the how and the how come”, Cornelious T. Witherspoon came to Save The World!

~ by Vinnie on October 15, 2015.

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