A Day At The Races


This was always an exciting time for Leo.





When he was younger, he would cut class in high school, grab a friend, hop in his “57” Chevy, and of course they

were … off to the races!

Wow! What a day. What a thrill! Win, lose or draw, whatever that mean, Leo always had a blast.

He remembered that day his schoolmate and neighborhood friend, cut class with him. They followed the usual routine and put the top down on the car as it was a beautiful spring day. It was nearing the end of another long school year, summer was approaching and spring fever had set in, set in heavy. Anyway, They are cruising along the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey, trying to set a new land speed record for a convertable “57” Chevy with the top down. They hit a hundred MPH when his buddy Rick, Rick Belluomo was his name, well, his windbreaker jacket flew out of the back seat of the car and a few other items of little to no consequence. They laughed their heads off, so to speak, I mean, their heads were still they were just laughing pretty hard. Didn’t know really just why. It wasn’t all that funny. It was like, your’e getting away with one thing, cutting class, now another, speeding at a hundred miles an hour, to do another thing like going to the track as a minor and betting on the ponies, as they say.

What’s the point of it all you say ? Don’t really know my man. It’s just that, life sure looks different at seventeen, when the cares of the world are few and life stands before you like an open book of blank pages, waiting for you to write your story. It’s a time when choices will be made whether one wants to or not because, that is what life is made up of , dozens, hundrens, thousands of choices, every day, every week, every year, for each and every life.

Yes. Choices will be made. Decisions, some big, some small. Those only affecting just yourself, others that may impact all.


There is no way to avoid them. You have heard it said that making no choice is actually a choice in itself. It is by default, you see. A certain outcome will occur because you failed to make a decision, or it may be better said that you made a decision to do nothing to affect, alter or change the outcome of the situation before you.


We make them all of the time.

Choose wisely today because …

the choices you make today may affect your future, which is where you will spend the rest of your life.


~ by Vinnie on September 5, 2013.

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