Rolo and The V.W. Micro Bus

Rolo was just getting back from town and was still a little out of breath from the brisk walk. He was basically your pretty out of shape twenty something year old and walking just wasn’t his style anymore. However, when you choose to do dumb things like drink not one but two half pints of Southern Comfort whiskey in two to three hours well, that can lead you to all sorts of trouble. Y-hippy

For instance, our boy Rolo decided to drive his “V.W. Micro Bus”, over a curb, half way on the sidewalk of a street in a fairly classy section of a fairly prominent town. This in and of itself wasn’t so horrible as he couldn’t hit anything or anybody if he was standing still, which he was, kind of. You see, Rolo made another decision to turn the motor off, good idea. Then he proceeded to crawl in the back of the little camper to lay down on the open bed.  Again, not such a bad idea, however, the cops of this fair city found it necessary to investigate this vehicle protruding onto the sidewalk and into the street, to see just what was what.  Sooo, they asked Rolo, “what’s up”, and our boy didn’t have a clue as to just what was going on. The authorities, that is, uniformed police officers and two plain clothes detectives proceeded to help young Rolo out of the vehicle. Rolo assuming naturally that he was being attacked by some alien life form scary creature, began to kick and shove and basically resist what eventually was his arrest.Yup

That was exactly what happened. Our poor hero was led off, no, he was dragged off to jail and under arrest for… well that’s where the authorities ran into a little trouble themselves not knowing just what they were arresting him for. He wasn’t driving the V.W.Micro Bus at the time but it was certainly obvious that the vehicle didn’t get there on it’s own. Mr. Rolo was most definitely drunk as a retarded skunk and he of course resisted arrest.                                        

Meanwhile, back in his prison cell, our boy Rolo had been stripped naked and was now wearing a jail house blue one piece jumpsuit, had climbed up on the bars of his cell and made another decision, though it apparently wasn’t a well thought out, conscious decision but, a decision none the less. Rolo hung from the bars and began screaming, yes screaming at the top of his very lungs,(as opposed to the bottom of his lungs, I guess). What he was screaming didn’t make any sense it was just cries and groans of pain. Not so much physical pain mind you but emotional pain. Poor Rolo did not do well in confinement under any circumstances and there, being so drunk, tired and confused, Rolo just lost it. What to do, what to do.

Jail-What Fun

Well, eventually Rolo got bailed out by his older brother Roscoe and was taken home where he proceeded to sleep it off as the decisions about his confiscated V.W. Micro Bus, the upcoming court appearance and whatever else awaited him, clouded his thoughts as a mystery yet to be solved.


<end part 1>  

~ by Vinnie on July 31, 2009.

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