I have always been in over my head. Never quite fitting in. Almost always. It seems as though even where I did well even very well, I didn’t fit in. At these times I was looked down at. A figure of speech surely, as I am not quite 5′ 4″. I lost about a quarter of an inch in a skydiving incident. Could have cost me my life, I got away with a little less height. hen of course there was the illness from my youth that had to have stunted the growth of my legs also. Anyway, my latest foree’ into the world of waitering and serving has proven to be disastrous. So bad that I don’t even want to get into it right now. But, looking back over the past year and a half, the two local theatre plays I performed in were a hit. I was a hit with all of the locals congratulating me and even the local press giving extremely strong reviews. I still didn’t get along with the other cast members mainly with the extreme difficulty I had in grasping and memorizing the lines and the script. Eventually, about half way through the second plays rehearsal, I suddenly “got it”, and all went well. At least there I made friends, albeit cautious ones. With the restaurant people I made a few friends but mostly enemies and some deservedly so! In fact I almost didn’t recognize myself and who I was becoming in such a short period of time. Well, It’s now onto something else that I hope will prove to be uplifting, positive and successful.



Dog and His Man
Dog and His Man


~ by Vinnie on April 17, 2009.

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